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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Artiani, Mei. 2010. Fitness Circuit Game Develpment on Motoric Physical Learning for B Group at Pembina Kindergarten Bumiaji Batu. Thesis, Elementary and Pre-school department, S1 Children Education for Early Ages (PAUD), Education Faculty, State University of Malang. Advisors: (I) Drs. Kentar Budhojo, M.Pd., (2) Drs. Heru Widijoto, M.S.

Keyword: fitness circuit, PAUD

The appropriate learning activity for chidren is playing. Thus, a pre-school teacher should be able to develop a game that facilates all development of children or students. In Pembina Kindergarten Bumiaji Batu, the lack facility of learning instruments or media bringig on longer learning since the students have their turn in such a long time. This makes students, neither who already finish their task or still waiting for their turn tend to play for themselves. In addition, the learning activity especially motoric physical has not used an activity through a game.
This research aims to develop fitness circuit game on motoric physical learning for B group at Pembina Kindergarten Bumiaji Batu, an easy and joyful game for children to play. The research focus only to examine fitness circuit game on motoric physical learning especially for B group at Pembina Kindergarten Bumiaji Batu.
The writer uses development model with subjects of 40 students of B group at Pembina Kindergarten Bumiaji Batu. The phases are as follow: 1) requirement analysis, 2) create early product, 3) expert consideration, 4) first product revision, 5) small group test, 6) product revision, 7) field test, 8) final result.
Based on result of large group test (field test) it is recognized that 97.5% students stated that the can play the game easily and 92.5% said that they love to play it. The percentage classification is 80-100%, good to implemented. The positive value of the game are that: 1) the game can attract attention of the students, 2) learning being more cheerful, 3) it can train students to learn to be more concentrate and patient, 4) it can also train fitness of the children.
Based on the result, it is suggested that before applying the game, we need to give explanation of the game in the beginning to the students. Instruments used in the game should be adjusted with children condition. A further research may involves language development aspect or cognitive in the game.